“This [first] speech, is not a yes – I read through it four or five more times, and then I tuck it away into a new folder on my laptop… I label that folder ‘CRAP’. And then I start over. What I write next is less formal, less stuffy, less stylized. What I write is casual, and a little raw, and sometimes inappropriate. But it’s honest. And it sounds like me. It is me.” – Shonda Rimes, “Year of Yes”.

Alyssa. Mom x 3 (16, 12, 3). Wife (10-4-15). Aries. Coffee. Wine. Tacos. (In that order, wait, no – Wine. Coffee. Tacos. No, Wine. Tacos. Coffee. There we go, that’s better). Prius driver. Corporate. Outrageously ambitious. Breaking the glass ceiling. Intersectional Feminist. Political. Lover of dogs; supporter of rescues. Runner. Concert-goer. Believer and advocate for social justice. Music lover. Criminal Justice/True Crime junkie. Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Saint Louis University. Master of Science in Management with a Minor in Business Intelligence and Analytics – Colorado State University. Tableau nerd. Spanish language learner. Travel lover. iPhone lover (Since, apparently, that’s a controversial topic.).


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