Sometimes things are hard…

…Life is hard. Sometimes we make decisions that dramatically impede our quest towards fulfillment and happiness when we believe that those decisions are the linchpins that will lead us there. I have spent a considerable amount of time weighing risk in my personal life… “What is the risk of staying in this relationship?…for a yearContinue reading “Sometimes things are hard…”

“We will figure it out”

It drivesĀ  (drove) me positively insane… “We will figure it out”. Between the two of us, my husband is the optimist who is far more prepared to handle a lot of conflict, and stress, than I am over prolonged, complex, periods. I am the ‘survivor’… the fighter who can “save” us from extreme crises inContinue reading ““We will figure it out””

Well, this is embarrassing…

When I was pregnant with my youngest, and final, child it was somewhat scary. We had to see specialists to ensure that what happened with my second child (uterine rupture – yep…yikes) did not happen again with this little guy. They watched me incredibly closely, weekly Non Stress Tests on the baby, and a muchContinue reading “Well, this is embarrassing…”

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