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What is “Success” in leadership?

Recently, my boss had me watch a Ted Talk as part of my leadership development by Simon Sinek, author of “Leaders Eat Last”, and in this talk he discusses why certain companies are wildly successful in comparison to their counterparts in the very same industries; he uses Apple and every other computer company as anContinue reading “What is “Success” in leadership?”

I Can’t Believe its Over

I finished my masters degree. It is done. It is complete. The last ten years (roughly) of my life have gone as such… 2011 Began my undergraduate degree – full-time, while working full-time, and trying to save a failing marriage after 12 years. My schooling was a consistent point of contention surrounding other issues goingContinue reading “I Can’t Believe its Over”

She rings like a bell through the night…

My oldest child is 15 today. Closing out her freshman year in high school. I still remember the day she was born, pretty vividly, even though it was my most calm, least anxious, birth regardless as to the fact that she was my first and I was just a wee 18. She was the kidContinue reading “She rings like a bell through the night…”

Sometimes things are hard…

…Life is hard. Sometimes we make decisions that dramatically impede our quest towards fulfillment and happiness when we believe that those decisions are the linchpins that will lead us there. I have spent a considerable amount of time weighing risk in my personal life… “What is the risk of staying in this relationship?…for a yearContinue reading “Sometimes things are hard…”